The purpose of Aleut Enterprise (AE) strives to be the leading fuel distributor in the North Pacific. AE’s core values for success are: exceptional customer service, integrity, accountability, respect, and perseverance.  

Fuel Services in Adak and Cold bay
From our corporate offices in Anchorage, Alaska, we manage fueling facilities in Adak and Cold Bay. The primary business in Adak is refueling marine vessels with marine diesel. In Cold Bay our primary customers are aviation companies utilizing our Jet-A and AVGAS products. 

At both Adak and Cold Bay, we dispense a full range of fuel and lubricants. Products available at both facilities include:

  1. Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
  2. Jet –A
  3. AvGas (Cold Bay Only)
  4. Home heating Fuel
  5. Unleaded gasoline
  6. Lubricants (Adak Only)

While current rates can be found on our pricing page, for large volumes and repeat customers, we would recommend that you contact one of our sales staff at our corporate offices to discuss availability and pricing.

Bulk fuel sales 
We also are able to deliver fuel to virtually anywhere in the world utilizing our wide range of contacts. We specialize however in delivering bulk diesel products into the Aleutian Islands and Western Alaska. Typical volumes for bulk range from 10,000 barrels to 35,000 barrel increments though larger volumes can be delivered.

Bulk Fuel Storage 
While many may think that Adak Island is in the middle nowhere, knowledgeable mariners and airline pilots have known for decades that Adak Island is situated in a strategic location at the center of the great Pacific circle route in addition to being the gateway for the Northwest and Northeast Passage. Combine the strategic location with 20 million gallons of fuel storage capacity and we are quickly becoming known as a strategic location to store bulk fuel on behalf of customers.
Currently space is limited but for further information please contact or corporate sales staff.

Corporate Background  Aleut Enterprise, LLC , (AE) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Aleut Corporation, an Alaska regional Native corporation formed according to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. AE was established in 1997 as the Aleut Enterprise Corporation and converted to a Limited Liability Corporation in 2004.

AE was formed primarily to assist in the privatization of the former U.S. Navy base on Adak Island and to develop commercial ventures on Adak. AE has evolved into a fueling company with fuel terminals in Adak and Cold Bay, Alaska. AE also provides bulk fuel sales to customer as well as the opportunity to store bulk fuels for third party entities.

Aleut Enterprise, LLC and Subsidiaries.

  • Aleut Enterprise: Oversight and Administrative responsibilities for the other 4 LLC’s
  • Adak Petroleum: Fueling operations utilizing 20 million gallons of storage capacity
  • Frosty Fuels (Cold Bay): Fueling operation with 550,000 gallons of storage capacity
  • Adak Marine Services: Oversight of Adak Harbor including the new tug boat
  • Aleut Fisheries: Oversight of the Adak Fishery lease

Sales contact:
Jim Fleming

4000 Old Seward Hwy., Ste. 301, Anchorage, AK 99503   tel 907.562.5444   fax 907.562.8208