At Adak Island, Aleut Enterprise provides fuel, facilities and services for commercial fishing, marine cargo, commercial aviation, government agencies, scientific research, private tourism and other industry operating in the North Pacific and Western Alaska. The infrastructure at Adak is unparalleled in rural Alaska. 

At Adak utilizing our tank capacity of 20 million gallons, we can supply:

  1. Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
  2. Jet –A
  3. Home heating fuel
  4. Unleaded gasoline

Advantages of refueling a vessel in Adak. 
adakMore and more captains of fishing vessels are taking advantage of Adak as a point of refueling and resupply. For many fisheries, refueling in Adak can reduce run time into Dutch Harbor by as much as 4 full days which maximizes fishing time & minimizes fuel consumption, which translates into higher profits for the boats. For general information on how we can serve your needs in Adak, please contact Joe Galaktionoff, the general manager for our Adak facilities.

For bulk and repeat customers, please contact Jim Fleming at our Corporate offices.

Home Heating program  
In order to reduce costs in any way that we can, we are implementing a delivery schedule program to reduce our operating costs so we can pass the savings on to the residents of Adak.

  • Scheduled area delivery:

    Deliveries will be made to specific areas on the following schedule:
    « Monday, Wednesday and Friday
    « Deliveries 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
    « $150 surcharge for fill-ups outside of listed hours
    « You must pre-order the fuel the prior day to receive the lower price.

We can always make deliveries outside of the scheduled deliveries but the additional delivery charge will be incurred.

More information:

4000 Old Seward Hwy., Ste. 301, Anchorage, AK 99503   tel 907.562.5444   fax 907.562.8208